5 Best Curly Hair Products You Need in Your Life Right Now


Listen—I really, truly love my curly hair. Which is why I’m also allowed to say that sometimes (ahem, most of the time), my curls are really, truly, straight-up assholes. They poof out when I want them defined, they go limp when I want them voluminous, and they’re never, ever, happy with what I put on them—until I tried these curl products, below.

Each of these curl shampoos, balms, creams, and scrubs are filled with coil-loving ingredients that’ll shape your curls into the hair of your dreams—or, at least, not the hair of your nightmares. Check them out, slather them on, and get happy.

  1. This Curl-Defining Cream

There’s a reason why this tube has more than 900 glowing reviews on Amazon alone: This shit works. Whereas most creams tend to weigh down finer curl types, this lightweight cream has just a touch of argan oil in it that works to smooth frizz and define waves and curls without ever feeling greasy, heavy, or sticky.

2. This Customizable Curl Shampoo

Not all curl shampoos are created equal, and Redken gets that. Which is why they designed a very specific, customized line of three different shampoos—a high-foam cleanser for waves and fine curls (I have this sitting in my shower right now), a low-foam cleanser for thicker curls, and a no-foam cleansing conditioner for tighter, coarser curls. All three are sulfate-free and perfectly formulated to leave your hair clean, moisturized, and not at all stripped.

3. This Gentle Scalp Scrub

Here’s the thing about curls: They need a ton of moisture. But by the time you slap on the deep conditioners, the leave-ins, the creams, and the oils, your curls might look great, but your scalp? Gunked-up and stressed out. Which is where a scalp scrub comes in. This gritty formula uses natural sugars to gently slough away flakes and build-up, along with sweet almond, sunflower, and avocado oils to moisturize your skin and mitigate irritation. Massage it over your scalp in tiny circles, then rinse and shampoo/condition as usual.

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