‘Dress Your Values’ – Celebrity Stylist Laura Jones on Sustainable Fashion


“There is an enormous opportunity to talk about sustainability and environmentalism in a way that captures the imagination of an everyday consumer or an everyday fashion lover and find a way to make it exciting and interesting and accessible.“ Laura Jones on Green Connections Radio

Celebrity stylist Laura Jones found herself overwhelmed when she realized the field she had dedicated her career to was damaging the environment big time: fashion.  Then, she resolved to do something about it.

At first, she thought her skills were not appropriate to helping to find a solution and thought she needed to go back to school to study environmental science or such. Then she realized she could use her skills to tell stories and engage fashion lovers who were accustomed to reading fashion magazines.

“I decided to create a platform for people who have consumed regular fashion media to be able to consume a similar type of media but that suits their value systems better and that speaks to issues that are more topical and more related to environmentalism and sustainability,” Jones told me when I interviewed her at the Earth Day Network 2019 gala recently about her new magazine, Frontlash, about sustainable fashion.


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