Is Kate Middleton Really More Popular Than Meghan Markle?


Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both became hugely popular when they married into the British royal family. Their names and faces started appearing on every magazine and their respective royal weddings were watched by many people around the world.

Although both ladies can garner attention like no other, a lot of fans often wonder: which one is more popular with the common folks? Is it really Kate Middleton, who has been in the royal family since 2011? Or could it be Meghan Markle, the newer actress-turned-duchess? Read on below to find out.

According to a poll conducted by U.K.-based research center, Opinium, 62% of the British public has a positive view on Kate Middleton. However, only 39% said the same thing about Meghan Markle.

Kate Middleton’s popularity is topped by people like Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Prince Harry – all of whom had a positive rating of 70% or higher.

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