Is Kim Kardashian a Better Role Model Than People Think?


When asked to name celebrities who are good role models, Kim Kardashian usually does not come to people’s minds. The reality TV starlet has been criticized for getting famous off of a sex tape, promoting shallow beauty standards, and being an example of a wealthy person who seems to only care about the superficial things in life.

While it’s easy to look at some mistakes that Kim Kardashian has made and write her off completely, the 38-year-old mom of four actually has done a lot of positive things as well. In fact, if we focus on the good sides to Kim Kardashian and her fame, it could be surprising to some people that she is a better role model than they think.

Kim Kardashian is worth an estimated $350 million and, these days, much of that money comes from her successful cosmetics company, KKW Beauty. She has a hand in many aspects of the business and has also received praises from industry professionals for the great products that KKW Beauty puts out.

Before KKW Beauty was launched in 2017, however, Kim Kardashian had already made a business selling something else: herself.

Contrary to what many critics believe, it takes a lot of smarts and marketing wits to build a brand as powerful and successful as Kim Kardashian. She and her family have all become extremely wealthy from understanding what people want (i.e. beauty, sex appeal, and controversies) and giving it to them in carefully managed, timely doses.

This has helped them stay relevant even after more than 10 years in an industry where longevity is never a guarantee.

And in a world where women are still seen as less competent in business than men, seeing Kim and her sisters rise to the top can be a good inspiration for young girls who dream of being their own boss one day.

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