Kim Kardashian studying to become a lawyer


Kim Kardashian West was well aware that her decision to become a lawyer would be met with a collective eyeroll — but she’s not letting that stop her.

In a lengthy Instagram post Monday, the soon-to-be mother of four shut down trolls pointing out that she doesn’t have a college degree.

“Last year I registered with the California State Bar to study law,” she began. “For the next 4 years, a minimum of 18 hours a week is required, I will take written and multiple choice tests monthly. As my first year is almost coming to an end I am preparing for the baby bar, a mini version of the bar, which is required when studying law this way.”

Kardashian West, 38, revealed her career aspirations in a recent interview with Vogue, announcing that she decided last summer to begin a four-year apprenticeship with a law firm in San Francisco, with the goal of taking the bar in 2022.

Though she did attend Pierce College in Los Angeles for some time, she never graduated. However, California, as well as three other U.S. states, offer another path to passing the bar by “reading the law,” or apprenticing with a practicing lawyer or judge. If Kardashian West passes the “baby bar” this summer, she will be given the okay to continue for three more years of study.

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