Outerknown Just Launched a Women’s Collection


A few months ago, Outerknown, Kelly Slater’s surf-fashion-eco-concious apparel company, launched its first ever women’s line. And we, the women editors of Outside, are here to tell you that the collection really, really rocks.

I tend to be skeptical of outdoor companies’ forays into the world of lifestyle apparel. The end result, especially for women, tends to be too beige and too boxy. Granted, Outerknown is known for making sharp-looking, wearable men’s stuff, so I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised by the quality of the women’s clothes. But still, it’s rare for a company to nail a brand-new collection for lady shredders and that is absolutely what Outerknown appears to have done.

A few weeks ago, the company shipped a box of eight products to our Santa Fe office for our staff to test. (We did not specifically request this gear, nor did we pay for it.) We did happily wear the clothing throughout the month and found that it appears uniformly well made (durable, sturdy fabric that’s still soft and supple) and that the cuts were fun and cute.

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