The skin care products you should use at every age, according to NewBeauty


It’s hard to figure out how to properly care for our skin as our concerns evolve from acne to fine lines and wrinkles.

It’s inevitable that our skin will change as we age — that means that the products we use should change, too. To help navigate the every expanding skin care universe, NewBeauty put together a comprehensive skin care guide with advice and product recommendations for every age.

Here are some of our favorite recommendations from NewBeauty’s “Ultimate Guide to Better Skin, Based on Your Age.”

According to NewBeauty, the most common skin concerns in your 20s are often acne and preventive anti-aging. They recommended cleansing twice daily and keeping skin hydrated. If you’re battling acne, they suggested visiting a dermatologist to help get it under control. Key ingredients for acne-prone skin at this age include salycilic acid and tea tree oil.

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